Safe Sleep Ambassador Program

Safe Sleep Ambassador ~ Education Outreach Program

“Each One Teach One”

One of the main goals of Cribs for Kids® is to emphasize the importance of Safe Sleep Education and to disseminate it effectively throughout communities.  One of the programs that we developed to achieve this goal is the Safe Sleep Ambassador – Education Outreach Program.  Our method of implementing this program is “Each one teach one”  by becoming a Safe Sleep Ambassador and educating others about safe sleep for infants so that we can prevent sleep-related deaths such as accidental suffocation and SIDS.

“Each One Teach One” is a known African Proverb that originated in the US during slavery, when Africans and African Americans were denied education, including learning to read.  Since slaves were not permitted to read or write in order to keep them subservient, those who did learn considered it their duty to teach someone else, which created the phrase, “Each one teach one.”

If you wish to become a Safe Sleep Ambassador and spread the safe sleep message we ask your commitment to two things: Learn about safe sleep risk factors and safe sleep recommendations, and share the infant safe sleep message with at least three people in your life, such as family, friends, co-workers and anyone interested in the health and well being of infants.  Everyone who receives the information in our Safe Sleep Education program will receive a special Safe Sleep Ambassador button to wear proudly and a certificate to verify that they have received the education.

If you are an organization that would like to implement this program, Cribs for Kids® will provide you with the materials necessary to disseminate this education.  The training for those who wish to participate in the Safe Sleep Ambassador Education Outreach Program is an important part of the success of this mission.  The basic message is ‘ABC’s for Safe Sleep’:  Alone on the Back in a Crib.  By providing this information you will empower participants to join the ranks and become Safe Sleep Ambassadors, share the safe sleep message with others in your community, and help save babies lives!

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