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Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is looking for organizations throughout the country that want to join in our efforts to spread a uniform safe-sleep message with the intervention of a crib if needed.

Since 1998, Cribs for Kids® has been providing safe-sleep education with the intervention of a safe, portable crib to families who cannot otherwise afford a safe place for their babies to sleep. Our goal is to help you fulfill your mission by providing safe sleep education and safe sleeping environments for infants in need in your area as well.

Through the efforts of 700+ Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative partners across the country, we have forged a coalition of organizations that view success for one, as success for all. Cribs for Kids® partners do not exist in a hierarchical structure, but as collaborators whose ideas and materials are shared by all of the partners. By signing the Cribs for Kids® Trademark License Agreement, partners agree to adhere to certain standards and guidelines. This license agreement gives them the right to use the standardized forms, Cribs for Kids® name and logo, and order their safe-sleep materials at our discounted prices.  At all times the partners are encouraged to share materials that they have developed with the Cribs for Kids® Resource Center to help enhance the program.Baby on Back

Cribs for Kids® has developed a free toolkit with an assortment of standardized safe sleep materials needed for organizations interested in the collaboration to provide education and safe sleeping environments for babies.  The toolkit includes: educational brochure templates in English and Spanish, hold harmless agreements, parental guidelines, pre and post tests for evaluation purposes, grant writing materials, and more.  Our DVDs of Public Service Announcements and Powerpoint presentations with up-to-date statistics will help partners spread the infant safe-sleep message in their communities.  All of these materials save new partners from ‘reinventing the wheel’ and assure that a consistent safe-sleep message is being spread throughout the country.

Partners interested in providing safe sleeping environments to families in need in their areas, or as a prenatal care incentive program for parents, can benefit from discounted pricing that we pass on from our vendors through a power-buying structure.  Cribs for Kids® can deliver the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® portable crib — the safest unit on the market — to any registered partner for $49.99 plus shipping (some partners qualify for free shipping, generously donated by Pitt Ohio Express).  The Pack ‘n Play®, used exclusively for our program, has the same quality and reliability as those found in retail stores; however, our Cribs for Kids® Unit contains our own SKU #, which means it cannot be returned to a retail outlet for store credit. This assures that your donation will be used for its intended purpose.

We also offer a complete ‘Safe Sleep Survival Kit’, which includes: the Graco® Pack ‘n Play®, a Halo SleepSack (wearable blanket with ‘Back to Sleep’ message), a Pack ‘n Play® crib sheet with a safe sleep message imprinted on it, and a pacifier approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This ‘Survival Kit’ sells for $79.99.  The kit also includes a packet of educational materials including: infant safe sleep brochures, a picture magnet that contains the safe sleep message, and baby’s first book:  “Sleep Baby – Safe and Snug”.  We are able to include this board book thanks to our partnership with Charlie’s Kids Foundation.

We are proud of our program’s national success and are looking forward to sharing the Cribs for Kids® program with you. When you become a partner, you will gain access to the Existing Partner Portal on our website where you can download the Cribs for Kids® Toolkit. The Toolkit contains everything you need to start your own program, including a complete “How To” guide, fundraising tips, and safe sleep training material. All of the information in the toolkit is the property of Cribs for Kids®, but you will have access to it by signing the Partner Trademark License Agreement (provided on sidebar for your review) which will be between Cribs for Kids® and your organization.

Once your Trademark License Agreement has been executed, you will be an official Cribs for Kids® partner! We will include your organization or company on our Partner Map (optional).

Please feel free to contact Judy Bannon at 412-322-5680 Ext. 3 or with any questions. To start a Cribs for Kids® Chapter in your area, please select Application Form on the sidebar to the left.

Let us never forget….it’s for the babies!

As a Cribs for Kids® Partner you will be entitled to:
  • Standardized Materials
  • Safe-sleep brochures, posters, etc.
  • Training manuals
  • Standardized forms
  • Grant writing language
  • Current safe-sleep literature review
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • National Fundraising Initiatives
  • Crib Distribution System
  • Networking Opportunities
  • On-going Support

If you would like to start a Cribs for Kids® Chapter in your area, please select:

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