A Letter from the Founder

As Executive Director and Founder of Cribs for Kids®, I would like to welcome you to our website.  It was designed to serve as a resource for understanding our two-fold mission: Helping Every Baby Sleep Safer and providing bereavement support to families who have lost infants to any cause through our Healing Hearts Infant Bereavement Resources program.

In 1998, with the assistance of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) government officials, Sudden Infant Death Services of Pennsylvania embarked on a program to save babies’ lives by implementing infant safe sleep education to help reduce the risk of SIDS and to prevent other sleep-related deaths. This program also included the intervention of safety-approved cribs to families in need. The success of the program was immediately evident through a reduction in sleep-related deaths by more than 50 percent.

With our success came requests from organizations nationwide to help implement Cribs for Kids® in their communities. Beginning in 2006 the National Cribs for Kids® Infant Safe Sleep Initiative was launched. By making the program available at no charge, offering our safe-sleep products at below retail prices and providing free shipping through Pitt-Ohio Express, the number of Cribs for Kids® partners now numbers over 700 and continues to grow.

Because we believe that Cribs for Kids® is only as strong as its partners, we are dedicated to always being available to answer questions, offer solutions, provide mini-grant opportunities and fundraising programs to assure that our partners accomplish their mission of providing education and safe-sleeping environments to reduce the number of infant deaths in their communities. Our 5th National Cribs for Kids Conference: “Beyond the Safe Sleep Message – Cultivating Community Collaborations” will be held in Pittsburgh, April 25-28, 2017, where safe sleep experts will gather to share best practices.

If you are not already a partner and would like to join us in our efforts, just go to “Become a Partner” and sign up today. There is no charge to join us in our effort to save babies’ lives. We thank you for your interest and the babies thank you too!


Judy Bannon, Executive Director and Founder
Cribs for Kids® Infant Safe Sleep Initiative


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