FAQs for Partners

 I don’t have space for all the Pack n’ Play cribs, can I order as needed?
Yes, if shipping by Pitt Ohio Express you need to order a minimum of 10 cribs at a time. If shipping by another company you can ship any amount, just remember the more you ship at one time the less expensive the shipping cost.
I have a grant or funding I need to use by a certain date, but I’m not ready to start the program, what are my options?
We can invoice you for the grant. Once we receive the funding we will credit your account and you can order as needed.
What if I don’t have a loading dock?
Make sure you notate this on the Product Order form.  We will arrange for a truck with a lift gate to deliver your order, please be advised there may be an additional charge.
I do not have a freight elevator; can I have my order delivered to another floor?
If your order is shipped by truck, for an additional cost the trucker will deliver to your floor only if you have a freight elevator.  If not, the trucker will only deliver your order on pallets to the loading dock or inside your door. You will need to make arrangements to move the order to your required location.
You can also ship UPS Ground (up to 50 cribs), they will deliver to your floor if you have an elevator or not. 
What if our doors are not wide enough for a pallet to fit through?
The trucker will deliver your order to ground level and you will need to make arrangements to have the order removed from the pallet and brought inside.
You can also ship UPS Ground (up to 50 cribs); they will deliver to your office.
What if we are only open certain days and need delivery by a specific time?
Please complete the “special instructions” section under Shipping of the Product Order Form.  We will make any arrangements needed to ensure your order arrives on the days and time of your specification.
What if I need the cribs delivered to our unmanned storage unit?
Complete the “ship to” section with your company name, c/o the storage company name, unit number and address.  Notate in “special instructions” section “I need a 24 hour notice before delivery to meet the trucker at the storage facility”. You will also need a contact name and number for the trucking company to make arrangements.  Please be advised, if you are not available when the trucker delivers the order, you will need to reschedule and will incur a redelivery charge of at least $200.00 or more.

 For questions about shipping, click here.

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