Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee Chairman
Joseph T. Dominick, RN

Luci Casile

Amy Berresford, CRNA, MS

Board Members
James R. Agras
Joan Braszo, MSW
Daniel Carlins
Dottie Coll
Christopher Conti, MD
Noreen D. Crowell
Thomas Diecks
Joseph Fung
Molly Gaussa, Esquire
Michael H. Goodstein, MD, FAAP – Medical Director of Research
Nilima Karamchandani, MD
Deborah Kudravy, RN
Judy O’Connor
Todd Perrine
Richard Skorpenske
Eileen Tyrala, MD, FAAP- Medical Director

In Memoriam
Ray Mansfield  1941-1996
Bob O’Connor 1944-2006
Charles E. Puskar, Jr. 1941-2009


Staff – Pittsburgh, PA Office
Cribs for Kids® Headquarters
5450 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15207

Judith A. Bannon
Founder and Executive Director
412-322-5680 ext. 3

Barbara Clemons
Director of Product Distribution
412-322-5680 ext. 7

Paulette Luczak, MS
Director of Business Operations
412-322-5680 ext. 6

Tiffany Price
Director of Hospital and Community Initiatives
412-322-5680 ext. 12

Bridget Gaussa
Director of Program Development
412-322-5680 ext. 8

Andrea Wilson, MSW
Support and Education Coordinator
412-322-5680 ext. 4

Maggie Phoenik
Program Coordinator
412-322-5680 ext. 117

Distribution Center
Kyle Crane
Warehouse Manager
412-322-5680 ext. 110

Dave James
Warehouse Coordinator
412-322-5680 ext. 110

Cindy Mols
Distribution Coordinator
412-322-5680 ext. 113

Denise Puskaric
Special Projects Coordinator
412-322-5680 ext. 9

Washington, DC Office

Judy Kimmit Rainey
Director of  National and Legislative Affairs
Washington, DC Office

Southwestern Office
Kim Amato
Community Program Coordinator-Southwest

Southeastern Office
Stephanie Bryn
Community Program Coordinator-Southeast

Midwestern Office
Liz Montgomery
Community Program Coordinator-Midwest







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